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The Spires of Malta

by Robert Deimel © 2019

I look with awe at ancient spires stretching skyward toward a cloud,
their bold commanding holy presence battle scarred but never bowed;
They stand as silent knight-like sentries far above the birds and trees
and always guarding watching searching tranquil skies and darkened seas.

For twice before these islands trembled, twice before invaders tried
with overwhelming force to conquer; many saints here fought and died.
At first the Ottomans and Turks resolved to vanquish Malta's isle;
their warships pummeled Malta's hamlets, towns and ports, but all the while --

The saints of Malta, not forgoing Paul's instruction long ago,
sought succor from their constant God whose grace on Malta did bestow.
The overwhelming fleet of Arab ships with cannons, soldiers, spears
did serve their god of evil ill; they're gone now near five hundred years!

Since then three hundred churches rose with spires reaching up so high,
each one a silent sentry now surveying ocean, field and sky;
They monitor the scene below -- the coastlines, beaches, and above;
They've felt the bomb's horrific force; they've seen the death of those we love.

'Twas nineteen forty when the second avalanche of evil came;
Regia Aeronautica and Luftwaffe planes of Blitzkrieg fame
arrived to conquer Malta's isle, subduing it to Hitler's guile;
Quick victory, they thought, was sure; but saints were praying all the while.

Those spires which were standing tall when bombers came from Sicily
to strike the airfields at Luqa, Hal Far and nearby Ta Qali
were stalwart there when loved ones died amid the rubble of their homes
yet still the sounds of prayers were heard from shelter, pit, and catacombs.

By nineteen hundred forty-two the spires, scarred but still intact,
did still proclaim the steadfast hope of those whose faith had never lacked.
The tide had turned, the Luftwaffe fled and skies were filled with Allied planes;
the Desert Rats in Africa reversed the Axis' evil gains!

Today, see Malta's spires rise serenely o'er her tranquil land,
and then recall God's promise on which Malta's heroes took their stand.
Then say a prayer to our Lord who brought the saints through Malta's Hell
delivering His people to the peace we all now know so well.

I bless you, Lord, for guiding us through man's assault from sky and sea,
but please God, I beseech you now, protect me from complacent me.
Whenever I see spires stand like sentries, help me to recall
that always and in every sense your grace has given life to me!

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