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Memories Last Forever

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2018

"Making memories" is done by all;
Those times to reflect, to recall.
Don't you just love, "Remember when?"
Sharing all the things that have been.

"Been there, done that", we sometimes say;
We talk about things of 'yesterday'.
Our experiences of the past,
May they be ones we want to last.

What we do and where we go,
Make our memories grow and grow.
We'll remember walks in the park,
Playing games, hearing dogs bark.

Things we say; the people we meet;
Gifts we give; special things we eat.
The best memories that are known,
Are made with others, not alone.

Our mem'ries become more precious,
When loved ones go on before us.
Comfort and peace, we will find,
In all the memories left behind.

God knows our hearts are sad,
But memories will make us glad.
They will be with us always,
Filling up those empty days.

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