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One Musician

by Mark Spencer © 1997

Two Witnesses silently stare,
Spying a stage empty and bare.

One musician scatters the stars,
With the song of creation's scars.

His song is heard on mountains high,
By angels, fallen from the sky.

It's heard beneath the mighty sea,
Echoing back in harmony.

The time of reckoning has come;
The dark lord vows he'll not succumb.

He and his minions face defeat,
Yet he refuses to retreat.

And in the wake of his demise,
Deafening are his anguished cries.

All of creation mourns this day,
Heaven and Earth have passed away.

The music of the soul has ceased,
To share the torment of the beast.

They followed him unto their doom,
And silenced both the bride and groom!

But then another song is played,
A strangely haunting serenade.

As Heaven and Earth rise again,
Another age will soon begin.

And so the Son Of Man appears,
His peace will last a thousand years.

The Witnesses resume to stare,
They see a stage no longer bare.

An orchestra is playing now,
The one musician takes his bow.

A new sun rises in the sky
Above an earth born from on high.

A thousand years of unity,
A future of prosperity.

And then a new age shall begin,
When one musician plays again.

That old serpent will be reborn,
The day God's Angel blows his horn.

To play his final symphony,
Fulfilling one last prophesy.

Life's book will be revealed that day,
And every soul who sees shall pray.

There we will face eternity,
And know our fates with certainty.

The dark lord shall be cast away,
The symphony's finale plays.

And once the Lamb has read that tomb,
Our Lord shall lead His children home!

This poem was a finalist in the September 2021 poetry contest

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