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"Experiences In Life!"

by Edward Nickerson

The tempter comes to push us back and set us for a fall.
To change our ways, mess up our days, our backs against a wall.
But in Christ we stand, held in his hand, that we might never fall.
The cross of shame my self to blame, paid full ransom for us all.

So much to gain like life a game, it's venues He'll set us free
We're shown the world, no gates of pearl, so much to make us see.
Yet life is nice and sets a price, sins bondage so appealed to me.
So many years before my time, my price was paid on that tree.

My debt for sin I could not pay, though I might pay my all, my life.
No way for me to pay the price, a life of sin and so much strife.
Though I give my life on a mission field I couldn't make it right.
So, I made a change and came to Christ confessed Him on that night.

Then He removed my sins, that I had worn like a jacket so bold,
He gave me a good shelter from the worlds awful, dark cold.
He placed me within His great loving arms, a shelter, a loving fold.
Planted my feet on solid rock, a blessed assurance I am told.

A change, an ocean swept over me, like a sea driven by the wind,
No longer frozen from earths cold, my Lord had become my friend.
No longer death, my enemy then, for a new life, was now settling in.
My goals, my life, my focus changed, my passion for life, not my sin.

So many years ago, that night, He washed my sin white as snow,
A sinner you know with nothing to show, He set my life all aglow.
I can tell you it's real, by the way that I feel, a light within me I show.
To Him as a friend, life seems at an end, to Him as my Lord I can go.

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