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Wasted Time

by Debra Brent © 2019

If I had listened to His word
Instead of wasting so much time,
Entrenched amid self blame and hatred
Unbelief turned paradigm.

Imperfection my reflection
Unbeknownst to me His way,
So when engulfed with toxic shame
We'd fall on bended knee and pray.

It's when we seek other than Him
Our hearts begin to slowly break,
Leave open wounds never to heal
But in a state of constant ache.

Yet He can save our wretched souls
Open new doors which aren't a threat,
Forgive those sins spawned from this world
To start anew without regret.

For every thorn stuck in our side
God put in just the perfect place,
Revealing purpose in the pain
His gift to us through saving grace.

This poem won second place for the October 2019 poetry contest

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