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Please Lord Jesus Take Command

by Robert Deimel © 2020

Please Lord Jesus take command
of every detail where I stand
I'm lost, disoriented and
I pray for guidance from your hand.

Engulfed in Satan's labyrinth
of storms of blinding wind and sand
I pause, reflecting on your Word;
Unsure, I choose to simply stand.

It seems so difficult to learn
which course that I should choose or spurn;
Uncertain how I should proceed,
How can I competently lead?

I search your word in my attempt
to see, discern the path ahead;
I try to choose the wisest course
Along the path that you have led.

Perhaps the wisest choice that I
Can make when I can't reason why
Each choice, direction I can choose
Is one which, clearly, is a ruse...

Is to stand firm, not choosing what
I now believe is harmful, but
To stand, unmoved, is wiser than
To join with fools or evil men.

I thank you, Lord, for giving me
An insight to eternity.
Your word is light unto my path;
You saved me from the Tempter's wrath.

Please help me, Lord, when I am caught
Bemused, confused, afraid or fraught
With no good choices, no clear plan
No help from woman or from man.

And when, bemused, I stand alone;
When I can't tell the truth from clone
Remind me once again I pray
You are the Truth, the Light, the Way!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.