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It’s all taken care of

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

We do not always know
How we rightly ought to pray.
Sometimes it's a struggle -
To find something to say.

Sometimes we have worries,
We're preoccupied;
And we're finding it really hard
To still our restless mind.

Sometimes we're too busy...
Sometimes we're in pain.
Sometimes our faith is smaller
Than a mustard grain.

Sometimes we're exhausted
After a long, hard day.
We tumble into bed -
And doze off straight away.

God knows our fragile frame,
He remembers we are dust;
And He's also well aware
That daily prayers are a must.

In His divine Providence
- Always eager to bless -
He gave to us His Holy Spirit,
To help our weaknesses.

The Spirit searches our hearts;
And we are fully known.
All our spiritual needs
He brings before God's throne.

The Spirit intercedes for us;
Even while we're asleep.
According to God's will He prays,
With groanings very deep.

When we find ourselves unable
To say a prayer as we ought;
Then it's all been taken care of -
And that's a comforting thought!

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