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by Mark Spencer © 2021

A time before Christ's ministries
Is when Isaiah spoke.
He prophesied to Judah's king,
And all civilian folk.

He warned them of Assyria
As it was told to him.
The prophecy he heard God speak,
At first, was very grim.

But Hezekiah was not proud.
Wearing sackcloth, he prayed.
So God destroyed Assyria,
Who never drew a blade!

But this gave Babylon the means,
To forge a dynasty!
They brought Judah to its knees,
Reduced her to debris!

Faithfulness compared to flowers,
In people much like grass!
Yet grass withers, and flowers fall,
But our Lord's word will last!

Nations are drops in a bucket.
All but dust on a scale.
But nothing can subdue God's will,
Not quake, nor mighty gale!

He will renew Israel's strength.
You'll soar on eagle's wings!
You will run and not grow weary.
For God alone is king!

He shall call you from earth's corners!
From there He'll summon thee!
For God, by choosing Israel,
Gave you a destiny!

The Lord is with you, do not fear.
You needn't be dismayed!
He will strengthen you and help you.
Through Him, your debt is paid!

And when your tongue is parched with thirst,
Your sinews sorely stressed,
Remember who your shelter is.
In Him you will find rest!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.