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The great reversal

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Here is a saying -
Trustworthy but odd:
It's an upside down world
In the Kingdom of God!

Because there, you see,
Things are reversed.
The first will be the last,
And the last will be first.

God doesn't care about
Beauty, or popularity.
He cares about kindness
And brotherly charity.

God cares about
One's inner disposition;
Not worldly success
Or a high position.

His Kingdom is joy, love
And peace in the Spirit.
Jesus reigns in the hearts
Of those who are in it.

To see God's Kingdom
- And this is no lie -
We must be born again;
Our old self has to die.

We need the Holy Spirit
To give us a new heart,
Because the gate is narrow
And the road is hard.

I pray we all may be filled
With God's Spirit today.
I pray He opens our eyes
And guides us on our way.

I pray we all may find
The pearl of great worth;
And discover God's Kingdom
Right here on earth.

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