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Just call on Me

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

"When you pass through the rivers, My test to help you grow -
Remember I Am right there with you; the waters won't overflow.
When you pass through the fire, the flame won't harm or burn you;
I Am with you always, no matter what you're going through."

"I Am in the lion's den with those, facing the ravenous beast;
I Am with all My suffering children, from the greatest to the least.
The mouths of the lions I will shut, just as I did in Daniel's time -
I Am God, there is no other; surely I'll protect every child of mine."

"I Am still the same God, who so long ago parted the Red Sea…
Is there anything too difficult, too great, or too hard for Me?
Whether the sea of your life is calm, or the waters foam and rage;
Remember I Am with you always, from the womb to your old age."

"In every circumstance and trouble, when you don't know what to do -
I Am your God; I have made, and I will carry, and I will deliver you.
Wherever you may be, child, there's no distance too far or too wide -
Just call on Me and I'll be there, God will come rushing to your side!"

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