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My heart will not fear

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Lord Jesus is my safe refuge;
My fortress and my trust.
His truth is a mighty shield;
One that will never rust.

I will not be afraid -
Of the night with its terrors;
Of sickness, death or pestilence;
Of the devil's flaming arrows.

The rivers may overflow;
The earth may violently quake;
My heart will not fear -
Though the mountains shake.

Jesus is my loving God,
Under whose shadow I can rest.
No evil will come near me;
I am saved, and I'm so blessed.

Lord Jesus is my habitation;
In His secret place I dwell.
He is the Rock of my salvation;
And with my soul, it is well.

I won't be afraid of bad news;
Because my heart is fixed.
I call upon my God -
He hears, and hastens to assist.

Jesus I love so very much;
That's why He sets me on high.
He will deliver me, and honor me;
With a long life I'll be satisfied.

He will charge His holy angels,
To keep me in all my ways.
In their hands they'll lift me up,
All of my earthly days.

Lord Jesus is my safe refuge;
He covers me with His wings.
Even though troubles surround me,
His praise my heart still sings!

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