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A Light has dawned

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

A great light has dawned -
For all mankind tonight.
Over a humble, old stable;
The Christ star shines bright.

Inside Mary is resting;
Her eyes wide with wonder.
She's got so many questions;
So much to ponder.

Though still a chaste virgin,
She has just given birth.
To her it has happened,
As foretold in God's Word.

In her arms she is cradling
Her little miracle, Jesus;
God's most precious gift ever -
Born to redeem us.

He came into this world
To answer His Father's call.
Mary can hardly fathom
The meaning of it all.

This child, the Messiah,
Israel's long awaited King;
Fruit of the Holy Spirit -
What will His future bring?

On His young shoulders rest
Such high expectations:
He's to usher in God's Kingdom,
And to save all the nations.

As she looks at baby Jesus,
Mary offers a prayer;
To thank the Most High
That she is so well-favored.

Jesus is fast asleep;
He's so innocent and sweet.
She strokes His tiny head,
And tickles His tiny feet.

It makes her smile;
The way He puckers His lips.
Mary wants to hold Him -
Forever like this.

He has His mother's eyes,
Her beautiful baby boy.
Mary's heart fills with love;
She's overwhelmed with joy.

She's just a simple girl,
And those thoughts are deep…
For now, she's content -
Watching the future King sleep.

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