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By Their Deeds

by Mark Spencer © 2021

How is it that so many fall
For everything they're told,
As long as those they hear it from
Are famous or extolled?

Are the famous more than human?
Does fame make them divine?
Is virtue and integrity
Ingrained in their design?

For fame does not make someone great!
And power can corrupt!
Good won't encourage rioting,
When violence erupts!

Nor will it force upon a child,
Experimental drugs!
It doesn't take away your rights,
Or threaten you like thugs!

For virtue sows a fruitful crop,
It never harvests weeds.
But if the thorns begin to grow,
You'll know them by their deeds!

For when they grow, they choke the life
From virtue's fertile soil!
The thorns serve nothing but themselves,
There's little they can't spoil!

So when you hear the deep concern
From those leading the way,
Remember past indifference,
When patients couldn't pay!

There's repetition in the truth,
A pattern to its zeal.
And time exposes every lie,
The thorns seek to conceal.

If deep concern is something new,
It's hiding something vile.
The viciousness of Lucifer,
Contained within a smile.

If those who seek to save your life,
Let other people die,
Because they lacked the means to pay;
Then something is awry.

Indifference won't disappear,
If it was there before.
It always has a bottom line,
And time is keeping score.

Patterns are revealed with time,
Exposing who we are.
They paint a portrait of our soul,
And preface our memoir.

If you've become the garden where
The sowers plant the seeds,
Then see the crop that came before,
And know them by their deeds!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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