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God’s Castaway

by Mark Spencer © 2022

I had a dream the other night.
I stood within God's holy light.
And when He spoke, I felt distressed,
He told me I must pass a test.

He formed an island out at sea,
Then told me what He planned for me.
"You'll have your food and drink of choice,
With songs sung by your favored voice."

"Someone you know can go with thee,
Along with one from history.
And lastly, choose something to read,
Be sure you have the things you need."

I listened closely to His voice,
Then softly gave Him every choice.
My food will be unleavened bread.
For it will keep my body fed.

My drink will be the purest wine,
The kind used in a holy shrine.
My brother comes, I must insist,
Because he is an atheist.

The bible is the book I choose,
For it's my mind and spirit's muse.
From history I choose your Son,
I choose Him over everyone.

Next to Him there is no other!
Only He can save my brother!
And on that island He will learn!
Until he does, we won't return!

Jesus is the living water,
For all wayward sons and daughters.
The bread of life for every soul,
He is the one who paid our toll!

My brothers mean the world to me,
I'd give my life for them to see,
The gift our savior offers them,
If only they believed in Him!

I would become God's castaway,
If it would help them find their way.
We'd read the bible on the dunes,
And listen to some Hillsong tunes.

My brother Bryan is the one,
He orbits farthest from the Son.
If he got saved, he'd tell the rest.
Then maybe I might pass the test.

We'd break the bread and drink the wine.
Then raise our sail above the brine
To help my Brother's find their way,
I'll gladly be God's castaway!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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