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Turn me, dear Lord

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Dear Lord, ever so often
My words come out all wrong…
I need You to guard my mouth;
To guide my foolish tongue.

Dear Lord, ever so often
My stubborn feet lead me astray…
I need You to direct my steps;
Every hour of every day.

Dear Lord, ever so often
My eyes aren't fixed on You…
And that is why, so many times,
Your perfect will I fail to do.

Dear Jesus, ever so often
It is sound wisdom that I lack…
Teach me what I need to learn;
Lord, keep me right on track.

Dear Lord, ever so often
I am poor, and deaf, and blind…
Open my eyes; open my ears;
Open my heart and mind.

Lord Jesus, this much I know:
Left to myself, I'm but a fool…
So turn me, I pray, dear Jesus;
Turn me wholly towards You.

Let me hear Your Spirit clearly;
Let me always love You dearly…
Help me, Lord, Your will to do -
Turn me, turn me towards You!


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