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by Kristine Stanton © 2021

'Round and 'round the world does turn—
a roller coaster ride.
Spinning, moving very fast,
there is no place to hide.

Twisting, turning, aimlessly
around so many bends
the ride continues onward,
it seems to never end.

Screaming, crying, calling out
with tears and fearful cries.
Helpless feelings take control
with breathless, weary sighs.

Then a mighty voice is heard
from very deep inside.
It tells me to be still, with love,
"I'm right here by your side."

The ride has stopped, fear has gone,
they've each been placed on hold.
Calming peace then captures me
and stills my inner soul.

God has come to rescue me,
He's come to set me free,
from the whirlwind spinning 'round
that caught and carried me.

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