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Bewildered and Alone

by Kristine Stanton © 2023

O' once there was a little lad
bewildered and alone.
He roamed the streets both day and night—
there's nothing he did own.

He had no Mom, he had no Dad—
no one to care for him.
He cried for help and no one heard—
no one would take him in.

This little one wore tattered clothes
and shoes that were too small.
He was in need of food each day,
but found no food at all.

The pains of hunger that he felt
grew stronger with each day,
and as he yearned for love and care
his hopes were washed away.

And then one day a stranger came
and found this lad asleep.
He lay upon a bed of hay
collected in a heap.

The stranger tapped his little arm
and woke him with a start.
His eyes grew wide, his face was pale
as fear grew in his heart.

Who was this man? What did he want?
Why was he here this day?
So many thoughts flew through his mind—
O' should he run away?

'Twas then the stranger gently spoke
with words that brought such peace.
The boy sat up and slowly moved
as fear began to cease.

He listened to this stranger's words,
which made him feel secure.
The stranger spoke with sympathy
for all this child endured.

He told this lad of One above—
the Maker of all things—
the One most wise and powerful,
the mighty King of kings.

He also asked this this lonely child
if he would like a home—
a home where he would always dwell
and never have to roam.

The tiny lad just shook his head
and closed his big brown eyes.
He did not want to talk right now
to this man, most wise.

The little boy had grown so weak
and wanted to just rest.
He laid his weary little head
upon the stranger's chest.

And there he dreamed of tranquil grounds
amid a shining Light.
The Light surrounded this sweet lad
throughout his dream that night.

And when he woke up from this dream
there was a feast for kings.
The child sat and ate his fill
of food from this wellspring.

'Twas then he heard sweet voices sing
to One that they called King—
this little child was Home at last
where he was given wings.

This poem was a finalist in the February 2023 poetry contest

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