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God's Transforming Word
Ref. John 1:1,14, The Word our God, transformed and transforming.
Dreams of the Children
This was a poem written by my ten year old daughter, Cheyenne. It talks about people seeing others as a problem when its actually me and you. If we can work together we can build a better world.
A walk through trying times
The Angel of Block 10
A poem about Dr. Joseph Mengele and what he did at Auschwitz Birkenau during the WWII
Let go.
Follow the Leader
A poem comparing Jesus and Christians to characters and events in a well-known film.
The Real Housewife in God's Home
The housewife in God's home looks nothing like those in Beverly Hills.
A Once Broken Believer
This poem is something that just kinda popped into my head.9/20/07-9/26/07

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