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Poems About Heaven

A Glad Homecoming
Going home to Heaven can be a glad time for a saint of God
Gone So Soon
I wrote this poem in August of 2012, after a member of my family passed away.
Most Christians believe that those who receive crowns in Heaven will cast them at the feet of Jesus.
When I Exchange Life's Rugged Cross
After all the battles of life are ended, the cross we carry daily will be laid down for Eternity's glory with Jesus
No Delays
The journey into heaven will be a smooth one for all who are prepared to go.
On Eagle's Wings
To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. How the Lord brings me to Him is a mystery, so my imagination flies with the eagle. God may simply inhale and I will be at His feet, or the eagle may come. No matter, I'll be with Him...
A Completed Journey
The nearer heaven gets, the more my mind wanders on the things in heaven.
Occupied And Reserved
The mansions in Heaven may be categorized as "occupied" and "reserved."I have made my reservation.
Heaven Bound
I know I'm on my way to Heaven and want everyone else to go there, too.