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Faith Poetry

The Race
This prayer is a petition to God asking for His guidance to "run the race" through life's journey - to run the race and outrun sin so that we may win the lasting crown.

I Lay My Heart Before You
A prayer declaring faith and trust in the Lord, and committing one's life to the Lord . . . asking for guidance--that He pave the way before us with footprints from His Son, and that He shelter us from harm.

Lean on Me, My Precious One
We all encounter “ups” and “downs” as we journey through life. However, we are never alone. The Lord is ever-present and when we lean into Him and trust Him to calm the storms, He gives us rest.

True Life
True life is being bound by spirit and desire to the Lord

A Strong Spirit
A story of losing everything and finding Christ

A Storm
We face many "storms" on our life's journey, and when we call out to Jesus, and trust Him, He can calm the "storms" with just one word.

Life is an Adventure
Trusting the Lord through life's journey . . . God never promised a life without "bumps" along the way."Trust in the LORD with all thine heart . . .In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."(Proverbs 3:5-6, KJV)

An Interview with God
An interview conducted by God

The Peace Of God
The Peace of the Lord God Almighty

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