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Poems About Prayer

This was written not for a particular person or circumstance but as a prayer for anyone who's dealing with bad news and may be experiencing nights of tossing and turning with worry. So often we think we can handle it ourselves but, of course, the answer

Prayer Loop
This is a poem about the privilege and effectiveness of prayer, using a poetic form called The Loop. The last word of each line is the first word of the next line.

Let me build on the Rock
A personal prayer poem inspired by Matthew 7: 24-27. Thank You God for Jesus Your Son, our Rock to build on.

I Thank Thee Lord finalist in poetry contest
The last Christmas will be a grim one, but the first Christmas under a new heaven, and on a new earth, will be glorious!

Prayer for my heart
“ Above all guard your heart, for from it flows the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4: 23

Bless Me
A metered, rhyming prayer.


It’s all taken care of
Inspired by Romans 8: 26-27

Letters to God
This poem is about my habit of writing letters to God. It’s my very own way of pouring out my heart to Him.

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