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Poems About Prayer

Grandma's Prayer Cups
Most grandmas have special cups that remind them of special people. In this poem, grandma sees those cups and remembers to pray for these special dear ones.
Holy Ghost
A prayer for filling and transformation by the Holy Spirit.
A Gift
This is a very personal poem about a prayer I prayed a year ago and how God answered that prayer.
God Winked at Me
When our lives get too busy, we sometimes leave God out. That's the time we should rely on Him more.
The daily blessings of an answered prayer reminds me of how I should be living my life every day as an example of His goodness and in His love.
His List
So often I have all these grand ideas and plans for my day, that is until, He shows me His plans for my day.
God is All Sufficient
A poem given as I prayed for a Christian friend facing terminal cancer
When we cannot find words, God can!
Did You Feel It?
Yes, I have felt it!