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Salvation Poems

The Rich Man And Lazarus
A true story in the bible about a rich man and Lazarus, a poor man
Deleted Misery
If your life is filled with misery and you're ready to give up, then likely, you haven't met our Savior.
Victim or Survivorwinner of poetry contest
I wrote this poem during a very tough period in my life when I very much felt the 'victim' but realized that if I was to survive this traumatic time I had to re-appraise my life
by Gray
-The Conclusion-
A humorous sort of way, to look at a very serious situation, death without Jesus...1 Corinthians 10:15 Draw your own conclusions. Hebrews 9:27 Everyone has to die once, then face the consequences.
Put In The Word
The perfect time to be saved is right now and then begin to grow as a Christian.
The Soul Pants
The aging soul pants after the truth of the days of its youth!
That Horrible Pit
Praise God, as one once said He can save from the uttermost to the guttermost.
The Cupbearer King
Two Unlikely Characteristics...Cup bearer and King...Deuteronomy 32:32 Their grapes are poison grapes, their grape clusters bitter. Nehemiah 1:10 I was cup bearer to the King. 1 Kings 22:6 God will hand it over to the King.
My Greatest Commitment
My greatest commitment and decision was when I accepted Jesus as my Savior.