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Salvation Poems

What Will You Do With Jesus
Will you accept Jesus or reject him?
Going To Heaven
This is the only way to go to heaven.
I Came Into This World A Sinner
And I will leave it a winner!
God's Adoption Plan
Heirs to the Throne are the adopted children of God!
Ask, Seek, Knock . . . Enter
Ask and Jesus will be there, Seek and you will find Him, Knock and He will answer. . . Enter and there He will be.
Many times in life, we look for security in a lot of different places before we find the right source.
Say Yes To Jesus
Saying "yes" to Jesus was by far, the smartest thing I've ever done, for "no" had been my answer many times before.
Witness With Love
As we witness to the lost, we should do so with love in our heart and not by attempting to scare them.
It Begins at Jesus' Feet
Every good thing that we experience while on this earth will begin at the Feet of Jesus. A relationship with God, the peace that can only be found through salvation and an eternity spent in heaven.