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Salvation Poems

Walk The Path To Forever
While walking in the park I saw this lovely path passing through the woods. It wound around and disappeared going somewhere beautiful. It made me think of God. It seems that everything that is beautiful makes me think of Him.
Grace Awaits
God's grace awaits...
Seek And Save
Jesus came to save sinners
No More Need
...because it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins...Heb.10:4
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...
Slipping Sliding
Jesus is more than able to cleanse us from sin.
Lord You Know Me
Even though God knows us inside and out, now and till our end, Christ died for us and in that and that only do we trust. Not our imperfections.
Soul Quest
We're pilgrims looking for a Way back to God.
His Touch
Just one touch of the Master's hand and your life will be changed forever.