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Salvation Poems

E and M
Simple letters and much more...
Jesus Came To Save
The reason Jesus came was to save sinners.
In times like these
God meets people where they are, even if their motives are wrong. Such is His grace.
I Met The Messiah
I thank the Lord that somebody taught me the Gospel story many years ago, and I believed it and received Jesus as my Savior.
Walk The Path To Forever
While walking in the park I saw this lovely path passing through the woods. It wound around and disappeared going somewhere beautiful. It made me think of God. It seems that everything that is beautiful makes me think of Him.
Grace Awaits
God's grace awaits...
Seek And Save
Jesus came to save sinners
No More Need
...because it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins...Heb.10:4
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...