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Poems About Truth

When we let them see our weakness, only then can they truly see His power.
External beauty is momentary. The lessons of life however can create an internal beauty that is eternal.
I chose you
When you feel you have no purpose in life, remember the great price that was paid for your life and how important you are.
What is the Source?
There are many people today who, while denying God, have a lot to say about human rights. The question is, without God, where do rights come from? This poem asks the question and concludes with an alternative truth. There is a God!
Search for Truth
Many people try to use reason to debunk faith, yet they have faith in reason. Rarely does anyone ask "What is reason?" As Christians we don't deny human reason, but we believe that God is the reason that reason is reasonable. He is the source of all.
In The Beginning God
God spoke and His creation begin to appear and He provided man a book to inform him of the things God would allow to happen down through the times!
If There Were No Godwinner of poetry contest
There are many people who embrace an atheistic worldview, but do not really consider what this would mean for morals, purpose, or final justice.. It is good to think about the implications of where such a worldview would end.
Truth is, only God has complete control of life. Only God, through Jesus, can offer the sin forgiveness that puts us on the path to heaven! Hallelujah. on the path to heaven.
Not A Thing
All is nothing without the Lord