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Poems About Truth

Psalm 91--Safe in the Arms of God
The Psalmist extols the protective care of God.
Beautiful Tragedy
A poem of eager faith.
Every day has a beginning and an ending. How many have there been, only God knows. How many remain, only He knows. We're to prepare for that last one.
Just a Poem
I was just feeling down one day and this is what came out.
Eve's Retort
A sequel to "The Serpent's Taunt"
The Serpent's Taunt part 2
A Theo-political poem
Opened By Jesus
The way to heaven was made possible through the shed blood of Jesus. Then it is Him that will open heaven's doors for us.
Jesus Said
Some of the instructions that Jesus gave us in the bible.
From the Beginning
. . . to the end God was, is and will be!