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Poems About Truth

The Word of God
The Word of God

Truth is, only God has complete control of life. Only God, through Jesus, can offer the sin forgiveness that puts us on the path to heaven! Hallelujah. on the path to heaven.

The Godless Journey
Many people seek to live their life without God. This is a life without real meaning, purpose, or hope. Thoughtlessly they stumble into the night. Of course, someday we will all be confronted with truth. Blessed are the one's who turn to Him now.

Not A Thing
All is nothing without the Lord

Be firm in the Word of Truth

Code of Silence
This poem refers to the corruption in the church.

In or Out
In or out of the Kingdom

Getting There
Most of those little things in life doesn't mean a lot. It's what we do in our relationship with God that strengthens our testimony.

You Can Trust the Bible
There are many evidences that support the Bible's claim to be the very words of God. This poem presents some of these evidences.

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