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Poems About Truth

Proverbs 11--A Contrast of Right and Wrong
Solomon carefully contrasts truths that will lead to blessings or lies that will lead to disaster.
Proverbs 10--Instructions for Daily Living
Over and over again the writer shows the superiority of righteousness over a foolish, sinful lifestyle.
Proverbs 6--Principles for Success
The wise writer of Proverbs continues to share principles that will enable a person to live a life of honor and success.
It's past time for a revival in the United States. Christians need to take a stand now!
The Apple of His eye
If we could only see ourselves as God sees us!
Satan's Deceptionswinner of poetry contest
Many are the lies that Satan tells you to keep you a part from your Savior. Take heed!
The Lawyer
I had the joy of meeting a lovely woman who is a lawyer. Her husband was a patient that we visited in the hospital. She asked me if I would write lawyers for a charity event. She is a Christ follower and it was my pleasure to write this for her.
As Wives Become Mothers
When a wife gives birth to her first child, her life begins a dramatic change. She finds that the time she had for herself now goes to others.
A Day's Worth
In trying to imagine just how valuable each day can be, is an impossible task.For in so many ways, they can mean so much to so many.