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Poems About Truth

Getting There
Most of those little things in life doesn't mean a lot. It's what we do in our relationship with God that strengthens our testimony.

You Can Trust the Bible
There are many evidences that support the Bible's claim to be the very words of God. This poem presents some of these evidences.

The Precious Word of God
This is a poem about the sufficiency of the Scriptures to instruct us concerning the origins and destiny of creation, morality, the character of God, and everlasting salvation.

The Way Out
This poem is about the darkness of a godless worldview, and the contrasting light that floods the soul as one turns in faith to the Word of God.

Crying Out For God
The folly of a soul who knows not God

Your Word
The Word of God

God's Grand Plan finalist in poetry contest
The mighty work of God

Open me up! I can speak for myself.
I sat and listened to a person talking passionately about hidden codes in the bible that will enable you to work out pi and other mathematical formula. While listening I felt so sad that he was not so passionate about the real message of the bible.

Five Sonnets on Micah 6: (4) Failure finalist in poetry contest
Fourth in the series on a study of Micah 6

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