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Poems by JackieL

poem count: 6 | pages: 1 | finalist: 1 time
What Have We Done? finalist in poetry contest
This poem talks about how we cannot earn God's love or salvation. It's purely his Grace!

Say I Love You
I wrote this poem to remind all of us to show love to our families in tangible ways and not just by saying it. Love is an action word and sometimes we must make a sacrifice to show it. For God so love the world that he GAVE...

With Wings I Do Rise
I wrote this poem to share how I was so lost and in despair. But I also wanted to tell how God completely turned my life around after I accepted Christ into my life.

I wrote this poem to encourage people to trust God when it seems as though He's overlooking them and blessing others around them instead.

Peace Within Me
I learned a very valuable lesson while going through one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. We can't always control circumstances, but we have complete control over how we allow them to affect our inner peace.

Beauty for Ashes
I wrote this poem to encourage those who feel hopeless after losing things in the "fires" of life. I want them to know that God truly loves them and He’s ready to restore all that they have lost.