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Future & End Times Poetry

What Then???winner of poetry contest
Life has so much with which to keep us busy!!!!...what then?
Come Lord
Impatience for the coming of the next age is quite scriptural, but seeing this present world with its unspeakable sorrows, we wait.
The Passing Of Time
A reflection on how we perceive the passing of time.
by Royston
For many people, growing old is depressing and even fearful. In Christ we have peace about the future.
These Pictures
I just wrote this recently for my great granddaughter, Abby...who will be turning one tomorrow May 7,2012.
The Black Horse Is Coming
and he will hold the balance between all that is good and all that is bad. . .
Breaking News!
A poem about the day after the Lord's return.
In His Hands
When losing a friend that I hold dear and having known them year after year,I cry out "God, it just isn't fair"and wonder often - does He not care?
Something's A-Coming
A poem about the end times.