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Poems by Marilyn Goerler

Welcoming Waters
In memory of saying goodbye to my dad when we scattered his ashes to the sea.

Shooting Star
Just after my dad passed away, I went to the Caribbean with friends. The first night, I was the only one to see a shooting star. I interpreted it to be a message from my dad who was supposed to have made the trip there with us but had succombed to cancer

Early Morning
Standing on the shore in the early morning with the sun on my face watching gulls skim the water. Serene, magical, comforting..a feeling that God was all around me and that the breeze was his hand touching me.

Surfers' Watch
Inspired by two surfers holding their boards standing high atop of cliff overlooking a crescent beach. They had just surfed the waves and climbed the cliff and were standing their in awe. (photo available)

Divine Dimension
Brilliant sunset (photo available)

Reflections finalist in poetry contest
Inspired by a sunset on a California beach with clouds streaking across the sky reflecting pastel lights. On the deserted beach, just the sounds of the waves washing ashore, spreading a lacey foam, and retreating back into the sea. (Photo available)