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Poems by Mark Spencer

poem count: 75 | pages: 9 | first place: 3 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 43 times
Final Judgment
For those who think that being "good" is enough to save you IF God turns out to be real. Ask yourself how you can receive a reward you've rejected all, or most of your life? It will be Your judgement and testimony that will convict you!

Filthy Rags
Pride is easy. Humility is hard! When I wrote this poem, I wasn't fond of what it was telling me about myself. So I can imagine how it makes others feel, hearing it, not from God own voice, but from a mere servant! Satan is found in anger.

Dying Breath finalist in poetry contest
We must never put off until tomorrow that which should be addressed today.

Dreams And Consequences finalist in poetry contest
We must alway be aware of where our goals might lead, and never assume that we can't be swayed by sin.

One Musician finalist in poetry contest
The prophecy of the end of days, the new heaven and new earth, and the thousand years of peace, from the perspective of the observers of Gabriel and his horn!

Angels On The Battlefield finalist in poetry contest
A dying soldier's experience as he crosses over.

The Original Sin finalist in poetry contest
A walk back to the first action against God.

The Horse
The Horse metaphor from the book of Job.

The passion story from a first person perspective.