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Trials & Challenges Poetry

All resolved in Christ

God comes in to save us every time, and He has never left us. This poem is about my realization that when I thought I was dying, He was, in fact, saving me.

A prayer and a song
Climb your mountain with a prayer and a song

Shakespeare's Covid 19
If Shakespeare were alive today, what would he write about Covid 19 and finding faith.

New Birth
New birth in Christ

Have you ever fallen for satans lies? I have, and the answer is at the end of this poem.

Like the Grass
Touching on Psalm 103:15,16; Romans 12:9; Matt. 7:2; II Cor. 3:18; and other Bible verses. Though my sins are forgiven, taken care of at the cross., life still has its struggles.

Trust in Me
This poem is inspired by Mark 5:35-41, where Jesus rebukes the wind. I have been going through a great storm in my life, mental-health wise, and the Lord has been showing me this Scripture over and over again. In my poem, Jesus is speaking.

The magic of Christmas
The ups and downs of 2020 and who the real healer is.

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