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Salvation Poems

Mom's Long Dresses
This is a poem about a mother who made a great sacrifice for her baby. This reminds me of what Christ did for us, so that our sins can be foriven.
God's Text Messages
God gives us messages in His Word about how to become His child and how to live as His child.
Salvation is Not for Sale
There is no amount of money in the world that can purchase the free gift of Salvation . . .
My Vision
From conversion to commission
The Diamonds of His Grace
Your tears are precious to Him . . . and reflect the diamonds of His grace.
Will You?
Will you be an overcomer . . . or is Satan going to win?
There Is No Fear
There is no fear of God in the hearts of the wicked and the lost for they have all turned to their own gods and ways. So for them I pray!
If God's word is not about anything else, it is most assuredly about change. We can't enter the Kingdom without changing. It was all made possible on Calvary.
Don't You Hear God's Echo?
He is calling out to all those who are lost . . . to turn to Him!