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Salvation Poems

Where Time Stands Stillwinner of poetry contest
There is a place where time stands still...
Was It I Lord?
Was it I who caused Jesus' death?
Soul Harvest
My burden is for those who are not saved and for those who have wandered from their Shepherd . . . may I bring one of them back today!
No, Not One
We are all responsible for the death of our Lord, and Savior.
In The Shadow Of The Steeple
When witnessing for Christ, we should never forget those who are close to us.
My WOW Factor
I heard a sermon in which the preacher referred to God's amazing grace as the wow factor in a Christian's life.
Mom's Long Dresses
This is a poem about a mother who made a great sacrifice for her baby. This reminds me of what Christ did for us, so that our sins can be foriven.
God's Text Messages
God gives us messages in His Word about how to become His child and how to live as His child.
Salvation is Not for Sale
There is no amount of money in the world that can purchase the free gift of Salvation . . .