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Poems by Paul Zimmerman Jr

To God Be The Glory
This poem is about sacrificing our own lives to serve God and show His Glory too !
Hurry Up And Listen !
This is a poem to remind us that through all of the ups and downs in our walk with God we must remember to take the time to reflect on God for who He is, and also to take seriously the need to set aside time to communicate with Him in prayer !
The Old Man
A personal spiritual discussion one has within themselves as they struggle with how to deal with the poor and needy after ignoring them. Describes the guilt of being a Christian and not doing enough, then struggling to make amends..
Almighty God Is He
A compilation of words and rhymes detailing the wonders of God, His creation, and our being blessed by Him for all that He has provided for us, including our salvation through Christ Jesus..
A True Christmas
A poem about the trappings of a secular Christmas compared to the Godly perspective in Christ..
An assessment of my feelings thinking about my family, one day before Thanksgiving. My realizing how grateful I am and fortunate for each and every family member, and my gratitude to God for them in my life !
Talk To Him
This s is about repenting from backsliding and turning back to God, and realizing the impact it will have on you and your families lives...
It Is He
Reflections on my life and others I knew before accepting the Lord, and then after...
Then's Not Now
This is just a part of a longer poem I wrote a few years ago. I began writing when I was in the middle of my evening devotion time and felt inspired. It seems the Spirit then lets me write and the words flow out. God bless !
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