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Poems by Leslie Rummel

"I Thank You, Lord"
Thanking God during the holiday season...
"He Is"
This is what God is to me....
This is my prayer to Jesus acknowledging His continued presence in my life and the hope of what's to come!
"A Humble Prayer"
So many times we are focused on the materialistic things of the world which will one day be like chaff in the wind.Let us pray for things that have Eternal value.
A Letter to Satan
I've been reflecting on the evil in the world and its source, so I thought I'd pen my thoughts, after researching in the Bible, on Satan.
"When Jesus Returns"
I wondered one day who would be ready for Jesus when He comes back. I pray we all will be more than ready!!!
"I Thank You, Lord"
I wrote this song to say "Thanks" to a God who never gives up on me!!!
"Voice of the Unborn Child"
I am a Christian and therefore, a "Pro-Life" advocate.
"The Main Event"
Every year I get a little more tired of the secularism of Christmas. I was very inspired to write this to wake people up and remind myself as well what the season is all about!!!
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