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Poems by Raydene Nash

Jesus Plannd Your Salvation
I am believing for the salvation of my family.

About the Birth of Christ
A retelling of the Biblical account of Jesus' birth.

Thievery Paid For
To those who would steal from me.

Choose Life and Blessing
Adam and Eve's fall brought sin into the world, but we can still choose life and blessing in Jesus Christ.

Victory Assured
Jesus paid for our redemption and His blood is victorious over all the works of Satan as we let Him work in us.

His Righteousness
The result of the Holy Spirit's conviction in me.

Christ's Joy
All Christians have struggles, just carrying our cross is a struggle, but God is with us and counts us as good because of Jesus Christ in us.

Made Precious Silver
We need to be honest with the Lord about our giving., realizing that we have nothing except those gifts from Him. In and of ourselves, we have nothing to give. Jesus forgiveness makes us like silver without it's impurities..

We're Stronger When We Pray Together
Just because we know who we are in Christ does not mean everyone else might know. For example, Jesus said of the Pharisees that they were blind guides, and that the blind leading the blind will fall into a pit.