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Poems by Raydene Nash

poem count: 68 | pages: 8 | finalist: 9 times
At A Blush finalist in poetry contest
I was just trying to make friendly conversation.

I wrote this poem by hand on my birthday in 2017. It is about my position in Christ.

Satan Would Destroy
The devil comes to steal, and kill, and destroy. Jesus came so we could have life abundantly.

Such Pretense!
We may not be physically persecuted in this country, but mind control is prevalent and puts up a big fight.

Hounds of Heaven
Who might the hounds of heaven be?

How Can They Love Him?
For those who say they love Jesus, yet deny his divinity. To some who think there is an Investigative Judgement and that Jesus laid aside His divinity when He came to this earth to die for us, to those who acknowledge Him as Savior but not as Lord..

No Longer Sluggards
We need Jesus strength to keep God's laws.

Jesus Plannd Your Salvation
I am believing for the salvation of my family.

About the Birth of Christ
A retelling of the Biblical account of Jesus' birth.