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Poems by Danette Kettwich

In this Desert Place
When not in God's word daily we can easily be led astray. This is a reminder to myself to always be in the word, because I easily stumble and fall into sin when I wander in the desert.
Praying for a Miracle
This poem is about the anguish of a wife dealing with the illness of her husband and her tears and prayer for healing.
When Your Spirit's Troubled
Christ has taken to the cross all sin, faults, and pain that we bear. We just have to allow him to bear the for us and remember He paid the price on the cross for us.. we need to give it all to Him.
Waiting for Spring
Just as winter hardens the ground, winter of our souls hardens our hearts. We long for the warmth that the "light" can bring us both physically and spiritually.
The Prodigal Son
As a mother we weep over our children when they make bad choices, it is even harder to see them caught in the clutches of sin. This is for all mothers with wayward sons.
Clanging Cymbal
We need in constant awareness that if we are not showing the love of Christ to others we are nothing more than a irritating sound.
Songs that Reach the Heavens
What kind of songs does the Savior enjoy from us? What does he want to hear from our hearts?
Those battling depression often feel that they have no one who can understand them and battle on how to get through. Other's often do not understand depression therefore can not sympathize with them. Christ will guide those who battle depression.
The Monster!
All of us has a monster hidden-not so deep within us. We as Christians struggle with human nature and sin just as does the rest of the world...But we have one who fights on our behalf.. the Lord Jesus Christ, he helps us keep our monster contained!
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