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Poems by Sandra Graham

Walking the Walk
Examining my Christian walk with God
The Rapture
In light of all the events occurring in our world today, it seems the time must be very near for our blessed hope.
In the Old Testament's sacrificial system, the High Priest carried (symbolically) the sins of the people on his head. Thorns are representative of the sins Christ, our Great High Priest, born upon His head.
For Me
The realization of what He suffered on my behalf
New Jerusalem
Loving the promise and the hope of Revelation 21 and 22
Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold
Pondering the significance of the gifts of the Magi.
As a young girl I remember having read a poem that said something like, You go to your church, and I'll go to mine, but we'll both end up in heaven.
In the Heavenly Temple
Scenes from the Book of Revelation
Looking forward to that wonderful place He promised to prepare for those who believe.
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