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Friendship Poems

My Friend
This is Christ talking to us about how he is there for us no matter what; he will never leave us and his hands will always be stretching towards us. We have to be the ones to see him and we have to ask for his help. He wants us to want him.
To whom it may concern
I'm in college and I had a friend of mine transfer. She was my smoking buddy and now she's gone. I wrote this the night she left. We would smoke cigarettes. Usually the American spirits menthol.
Know Assuredly
Written in a season of struggle the Lord has brought us through.
We All Need A Friend
We all need someone to share with, pray with and to encourage us!
My Bride
I have worked as a home health nurse for many years and I see how difficult it is for older people to watch their spouses become frail. I wrote this for a friend of mine whose wife is having significant health issues. He loves her dearly.
A Fluttering in My Heart
I wrote this poem for Dr. Anne. It is about her first born son. She is a lovely Christian woman that I have had the pleasure of knowing and attended the graduation of this precious young man.
Early Morning
This is a birthday message to my friend, a friend who rises each moring to see the sun and thank God for her life.
Circle of friends
Friends are rare treasures. This poem celebrates the bliss and rewards of true friendship.
Let God Use You
Making new friends can be hard for some of us,and taking that first step, may be intimidating, but you never know, who you may reach for the Lord, or what a blessing you might be to someone's life. Go for it.