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Poems by Pernell Rodocker

You Know Me Like No Other
No matter what we think of ourself, or where our life will lead us God knows us intimately. He is our comfort. He is our hope.

Broken finalist in poetry contest
Only through Christ's worthiness can we walk in humbleness and peace. Sometimes our sadness can overwhelm our walk. He loves us no matter how broken we think we are.

Is There One Who Knows My Heart?
Death is a part of life. All of us have lost loved ones. Our hope and faith is in Christ who's word is our comfort.

God Doesn't Look Back
Memories of the past. Hope for the future. Trusting in faith.

Cold hard truth of deception and death. Jesus beat the grave and death.

A Veil Of Darkness
When Jesus died the veil was torn from top to bottom. There is another veil that shrouds our heart. That veil can be torn away as well.

Seas Of Love
How much do we love the Father?

He First Loved Us
Compassion, forgiveness and guidance.